It’ll be a while before Martens gets over losing a 5-pound class fish this afternoon that could’ve swung the outcome in his favor.

He was playing it gently around a submerged tree when his line barely grazed the tree’s bark and snapped. He had been casting to what he said was a 2 1/2-pounder and was reeling back in when the bigger fish took his fluke bait.

“It was kind of freaky,” he said. “I know how it happened. It definitely wasn’t a line flaw because I’d jacked a bunch of fish on that 12-pound (Sunline) Sniper all week out of bushes and grass and never had to retie. It was just a freak deal. Maybe I pulled too hard. The crazy thing is I was going to back off. I was a fraction of a second from the dropping the rod to release some pressure but then the line came down and hit the tree. It was unbelievable. I was really mad at myself.”

He also second-guessed his decision to target spotted bass for half the day.