The Shakey Fish jighead by Aaron Martens is first and foremost a single hook jig – one of the oldest and most dependable fishing lure types used by people since our ancestors first started fishing with hooks and lines eons ago. When we look at high-powered, high-tech fishing today, we’ve come so far – or have we? A jig is still a jig and the best lure choice for subsistence, survival, market or sport fishing.

Of course it’s obvious that the upright plastic bill is what sets the Shakey Fish apart from traditional jigheads.

A-Mart didn’t invent this unique jig style – but he did perfect it. It’s an improvement on something Martens used years ago when he lived in California – and a few years ago, Aaron decided to market his own refined version of it.

The way the bass tackle business works these days, any new or good idea doesn’t go uncopied. No sooner had Martens begun to produce and promote his new offering, several other brands of similar-looking jigheads sprouted overnight.

“First of all, readers need to know that some others just don’t work as good. It’s a shame. People need to buy the Shakey Fish if they want to catch fish,” says Martens candidly without bad intentions. You see, only Aaron’s invested hundreds of hours into perfecting his version and getting Davis Baits to incorporate his ongoing tweaks, updated specs and high level of quality control. “In the beginning, there was a huge interest by anglers and a resultant rush to meet customer demands. Now that the Shakey Fish has been around for several seasons, Davis Baits has improved upon the materials and production process every year, making a good bait even better,” A-Mart says readers should know.