We have all heard the stories about how a local angler provided the key information the bass tournament winner used to win. Giving away GPS coordinates and even what lure to cast and what angle to line up to make sure the bass will bite.  While I can’t confirm or disprove any of that, I have heard the stories myself.  What I do know is that Aaron Martens goes out of his way to stay away from the influence of others, he prides himself on finding his own fish and his own way of catching bass.  That said, I can’t think of a better angler to talk with about finding bass on a new body of water.

Aaron did add the disclaimer, “I do share some information with tour friends, like ‘they are biting crankbaits at a certain depth’, but I don’t gather coordinates, spots or areas from others.”

In talking with Aaron, he enjoys the edge he has when it comes to finding bass. “If I started using other angler’s spots and information it might dull my fish finding edge and I never want to lose that.”

Aaron readily admits that this does hurt him in competition sometimes, though.  With his way of dissecting a lake and finding fish, it takes him about 3 days to figure them out not leaving him much time to duplicate the patterns and find multiple locations.  On the other hand, an angler that has been given information and locations can usually be on fish within a day, leaving a lot of time to duplicate and find more.

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