I know, I know, this blog is suppose to focus on all things related to  fishing in Central Canada.  But let me spread my wings a little further  afield today and comment on last weekend’s Bassmaster Classic because I  am still flying on Cloud 9.

Two good friends and supremely talented anglers, Kevin Van Dam and Aaron Martens fought it out for the win.  In the end, Kevin was first and  Aaron was second – for the 4th time in his short but illustrious  professional fishing career.  In the process, the pair shocked the bass  fishing world with their record book catches.    (B.A.S.S. / Jason Cohn)

Believe it or not, I’ve been privileged to know Aaron since he was a  personable young kid in his early 20s, when he was just starting out on  the professional tournament trail.  And let me tell you, even back then, when we were fishing together for muskies in Northwestern Ontario, a  species he’d never before even seen, you could tell he was destined for  greatness.

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