By Don Barone

“Mama may have,
and papa may have…”

Dateline:  Legacy

Aaron Martens

It is not what we say,
but what we do, that is the measure of the man.
It is not what we take,
but what we give, that is the measure of the man.
It is not what we help ourselves to,
but what we help others with, that is the measure of the man.

I certainly want to thank you for your more than generous $15,000 donation to Tackle The Storm Foundation, but more so my friend, I want to tell you what it means.
I would do so on the phone.
I would do so in person.
I would do so eye to eye.
If I could do so without breaking down.
But I can’t.

The only way I can thank you, is through the keyboard, writing late into the night, early morning.
The only way to really thank you, is to tell you what your gift means.
Means not to me.
Means not to the Board of Directors.
Means not to your fans.
But what it means,
to the children.

“…God bless the child who can…”

Walk with me through fields of destruction, Aaron, help me untangle a child’s tiny jeans from the clutches of a barbed wire fence.