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Grand Prize. Trip to the stock car race in Talladega, AL and a Fishing Trip featuring Aaron Martens. Grand Prize Winner will receive a trip for (2) to Birmingham, AL and an opportunity to attend the stock car race in Talladega, AL on Oct. 19, 2014 and an opportunity to fish with Aaron Martens on Oct 20, 2014. Trip includes three days/three nights’ accommodations for two at a hotel near Birmingham, AL (single room/double occupancy), coach round-trip airfare from a major airport within the contiguous continental
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We’ve all had  sore feet, tired legs and sore backs from spending long days standing on the front deck of a boat or walking and wading the banks while fishing. Aaron Martens walks us through a couple of his favorite fishing stretches for his legs that help him alleviate foot and leg soreness during a day of bass fishing. He used to have chronic problems with his feet and elbows until he adopted some routine stretching programs. Some great wellness tips for fishermen and women of all ages. Worth a few minutes of your time to improve your quality and comfort in a day of fishing.

Alabama pro Aaron Martens talks about how important stretching has become for him in professional fishing and how it has completely eliminated repetitive injury from his sport. He also shares a few of his favorite stretches for arms to eliminate fatigue, cramping and repetitive motion injuries for bass fishing.

(As posted on Aaron Martens was surprised at the number of bass boats at Lake Biwa in Japan when he and other members of the Megabass pro staff visited the renowned Japanese lake during their overseas trip last week. The reigning Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year was also surprised at the lack of bass he and his fellow pro staffers caught.

“We came up to this flat and there must’ve been 100 boats within sight,” he said. “It was crazy. There were 15 times more boats than I thought there’d be. And there were a lot of 19- and 20-foot bass boats, too.

“The fishing was tough. I caught six bass, but nothing big. I was surprised at how few bass we caught.”

Aaron Martens has spent two decades perfecting his fishing knot tying. He’s considered an authority on knot tying and fishing line in general. He’s incredibly meticulous about his line care and knots. In this short video he demonstrates how to tie a proper uni knot as well as a uni knot with the line doubled. He explain when he uses both, why he chooses this knot, drawbacks to other knots compared to this knot and more for bass fishing detail nuts like us! What is your favorite knot and would you consider using the uni knot after listening to Aaron on this subject?

(As posted on Aaron Martens talks about why he has braid backing on every one of his fishing reels. He discusses added casting distance, saving money and more. He walks through how he stores his line, how to spool it on the reel, the difference between spooling baitcasters and spinning reels, the knot he connects his lines with and why and more. Good fishing tips anglers can use from A-Mart as always. By Jason Sealock