“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”- 19th-Century Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Passion equating to great accomplishment was a notion that Lesley Martens had always been aware of and when she met her now-husband Aaron, his passion for bass fishing was not lost on her.

As a Southern California native; Mrs. Martens met her future husband on her 21st birthday. Spending the next year and a half dating a man that wanted to be a professional fisherman seemed a strange aspiration to a SoCal girl but she never doubted that it is what he would do. She never doubted the fact that it was the path that their life together would follow as his passion for the sport was apparent and his greatness shined through.

Talking about their early dating days, Mrs. Martens stated, “I always knew Aaron would fish for a living and even though a life on the road was not something I had ever thought I would be living, I would never have tried to change his mind or think of taking him away from his dream.”

While many families; especially fathers, may frown upon their daughter bringing home a “fisherman” as their new boyfriend; her parents were quite the opposite and she recalls them loving him from the beginning. Explaining that her dad thought her new love interest’s career objective was “very cool,” Mrs. Marten’s said, “Aaron has a really big heart and my parents saw what kind of person he was rather than judging him for a job.

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