Like Faircloth, Aaron Martens has also lifted two ElitAaron Martense Series trophies over his head and has developed the uncanny ability to routinely put himself in position to win on championship Sunday.  Since his last Elite Series victory on Lake Guntersville in 2009, Martens has recorded five top 10 regular season finishes.

This week on the Mississippi River, Martens has hinted that he’s doing something drastically different than the rest of the field, and it has been paying off in a big way.  On Saturday, he brought in a limit weighing 16-2 to boost his three day total weight to 47-4.

Keying on one main area, Martens said that his area has changed each day of the competition.  “The water has come up maybe a foot and a half since the tournament started,” he explained.  “It has definitely changed a lot.  The water has come up and gotten dirtier and everything is moving around.”

On Saturday, his day got off to a slow start, but a late flurry saved his day.  “I figured some stuff out towards the end of the day,” he said. “I really don’t want to say that much, because I have a lot of spectator boats around me.  I just don’t want people to know what I’m doing yet.”